Employee Benefit Solutions

Retirement Solutions

WanSutter retirement solutions offer tremendous value at a relatively low cost. All of our flexible and comprehensive retirement solutions are distinguished by three key characteristics:


With more than 15 years in the retirement plan business, we understand that plan sponsors need help managing their fiduciary responsibilities. To meet this need, we have developed innovative, complete retirement solutions for businesses of every size and at any stage of organizational development.


When you work with WanSutter, you receive the same elite service as our largest clients-regardless of the current size of your business. This means you have access to the same investment processes, technological capabilities, and dedicated service team as any large corporation.


We offer programs that allow you to construct a diverse menu of investment options, provide your employees with a complete range of educational tools, and regularly monitor investment processes and performance.

Our retirement plan options include:
  • Traditional 401k plans
  • Section 162 Executive Bonus plans
  • SEP IRAs